How To Get Internships Abroad

For the internship that I finally got for this coming Summer I was able to find it and apply for it because I knew someone who was affiliated with the estate. Because of this I do not have a complete experience from application to acceptance through all of the options that I am suggesting, but I have applied or found opportunities through them.
Who you know – Your Contacts: 

I know that this is a commonly recommended strategy by many travel bloggers, or job board bloggers. Even so this has been one of the tips that I find the most daunting, or rather the one that I did not understand properly. One misconception that I had when I would read suggestions such as this one, was that it referred to your close circle of friends or that after reading such a tip you would then have an epiphany that would allow you to instantly know of someone that would help you with your endeavors abroad. Because of this I found this tip to be very intimidating, and made me feel a little helpless, but I then realized that if you talk to people able what you are hoping to do that they can offer suggestions. If a suggestion interests you then you can explore it in more detail and it might then help you land a job abroad. This method was how I learned about my internship, which was actually a place that I had gone to years before. If I had not had that suggestion I would probably be still tired and frustrated as I searched for opportunities abroad. 



One thing that I would also look into would be rebuilding Chateaux, Villas, and Estates in their respective countries. I know that there are a number of heritage organizations in France that seek to help rebuild Chateaux across the country. Most of these opportunities will be in rural areas, but as most tourists want to be in the urban centers there are more opportunities for cheap or free labor in the places away from these centers to help work on projects in the country. For this I would recommend searching, Chateaux Internship in France, or something along those lines as they are fairly easy to find. I would also like to caution you that there are some opportunities that will ask for you to pay up to $1,000 to join the project and unless it is something that has a value of $1,000 to be able to have a part in whatever they’re doing I would recommend that you do a little more digging to find something that would be a work in exchange for room and board agreement. I also would look into this if you have a working-holiday visa as it can provide a sense of stability while you are looking for work in your respective locale. 

Wwoofing & Work Away

If you are interested in doing farm work or working in a Bed and Breakfast, or Hostel that magically does not have a bunch of young people that want to work for free room and board these two services could really help you in finding work abroad. Now most of these do not offer hard cash to their workers, but they will allow you to help stretch your budget so you can keep on traveling. I have had a number of friends that have worked as wwoofers. So to get this gig you have to pay a fee of around $30 to have access to the respective nation’s job board. With this you can then look at the various farm or other agricultural enterprises to find one that suites your abilities and conditions that you are willing to work under. There are a number of other blogs that can go into more detail on this subject, but after you find a farm that you are interested in working at you can then go contact the host and discuss the conditions of your service. 

Work Away works around the same premise, for a fee of around $15 you can contact the hosts on this international job board. The main difference however is the fact that you can work at Bed and Breakfasts, as an Au Pair, as an office assistant, language teacher, farm hand, and a whole variety of other jobs. This provides a much wider range of opportunities, but one draw back is that I’ve found that there are fewer positions with Work Away than compared to wwoof; however, you are able to work a wider range of gigs with this board.

Job Boards: Gumtree

I hope to be able to provide more first hand feedback about gumtree in the future, but I know that it is a job board, much like craigslist that is a favorite among backpackers. As I continue my travels I hope to be able to provide more information about this, but I would also recommend checking it out in the future.
I hope that this helps provide some information and inspiration on how to find positions abroad. 

Applying for Jobs in Ireland

Applying for Jobs in Ireland

In my quest to travel and live abroad following graduation this Spring, I’ve started applying to various jobs in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. I know that I should probably be doing the so called “responsible” thing and start to develop a career near to where I live, as according to an article that I read in Inc magazine proximity an applicant’s most important trait (Click here to view the article). Either way I have selected Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand as the three countries where I am conducting a remote job search, since I am eligible for their work-holiday visa programs. I did recently post an article on the various work-holiday visa programs that Americans are eligible, so if you want more information about that go here. This post however, will be specifically about applying for positions in Ireland, so I might make another one for Australia in New Zealand as some of the services I will be reviewing are specific for Ireland.


If you are looking for a more permanent position in Ireland, I would consider looking into They also have postings for the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, but since they are an Irish company I have found that many of their job postings are for Irish firms. The positive thing about this site, is that once you fill out your profile applying for positions is very easy. All you have to do is type in the keywords associated with your chosen field, find a job posting you are interested in, and then hit the “Submit application” button and you’ve applied for that job. Some companies ask that you write a 500-character letter explaining why you are interested in the job, but many of them do not have a cover letter option. I think that this is a good option if you want to quickly apply for a number of jobs, but the one problem I have with it is that with the positions that do not allow you to submit a cover letter. Since I am unable to tell my story to a future employer, it makes me question how competitive I might be during the application process. Either way if you are looking to submit your application to a number of future employers in a short amount of time, then Jobbio is the great option. & Indeed Ireland

I have found that and Indeed Ireland are your traditional job search websites. With these job boards you are able to search for a number of positions in your chosen field and narrow them down by pay, hours and location. Because these application sites are more traditional you are required to spend more time curating your application to the specific position that you are applying for. This allows you to add a cover letter, submit a revised CV, and answer some employer specific questions, but this strength also is a weakness as you have to devote more time to each application. I think that using these more traditional services along with the Jobbio’s rapid-fire application service, might be wise as you can cover a lot of ground with Jobbio, but also submit some high quality applications that could have a better chance of landing you a job.

Work Away

With Work Away you typically will not get paid, but you will receive accommodation and meals in return for some work at hostel, or a farm. This would allow you to have your basics covered for a month or two as you search for work in your chosen local. This is advantageous if you are trying to save money, but you should be warned Work Away hosts tend to be located away from city-centers. Because of this there are a limited number of Work Away opportunities in places such as Dublin, or Cork. If you are looking to hold a longer-term month position in one of these urban districts and use a Work Away experience to help save some money as you conduct a job-search in one of these locales, then it might be wise to apply for a Work Away position earlier than later.

Much like Work Away wwoof (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) allows you to spend time working on an organic farm. This is great if you are looking to spend a few months working in Ireland and then moving onto your next travel destination or returning home. Because Organic Farms are located away from urban centers preforming a job search in those districts will be challenging. Even so with this you can experience rural Ireland, and possibly gain employment in the area around where your farm is located.


I hope that this gives you some insight on various places that you can find work before arriving in Ireland. I would also like to note that I found an article on that outlines a number of other options that you can take to start working in Ireland. This includes a number of ideas such as, Hostels and Hotels, Au Pairing, Internships with international firms, Retail, Outdoor Centers, Pubs, Seasonal Farming, Temping, and Tour guiding. You can check out this article by going here. I will keep you updated on my progress as I try to find employment abroad, as well as make one on what I have done to search for positions in New Zealand and Australia.