May pain turn into inspiration, may pain become a remedy. Earlier this day I was meditating upon an encounter that I had with a family friend who had been criticizing me for doing my education an online campus rather than through a traditional brick and mortar institution. This was painful for me in many ways as I felt as if the path that I had chosen, the path that was correct for my own circumstances was incorrect and somehow lesser than the path that he had taken or that of his children. After my meeting with him, I decided to take a moment to meditate and gain a better understanding of the situation. I sat by my warm fireplace, breathed in through my nose and out of my mouth, concentrated on my breath, and at the situation that had past. I began to recall the scenario and contemplated his own life’s circumstance. I contemplated the relations that he had with his wife, the relations he had with those around him, the changes that he had just endured through his life, which then led me to contemplate similar situations where I had degraded someone in reaction to situations that I had been experiencing. Neither the interaction that I had with him, or those that I had with others were right, but they had happened, and because of that I felt sorry for him rather than myself.

The insight that I had gained through this experience inspired me to write about the benefits that meditation has brought myself.   I hope that through this book or post or whatever this document might become, my reader might be able to gain some tools, which could help them gain some more insight into the ordeals that they might face or currently be facing. Life can be a great challenge, but the pain and bliss that we face as beings can help bring us together rather than tear us apart. I hope that you might choose unity rather than division and that a practice of meditation might help you find the commonalities that hold all of us together. The goals that you will have during your meditation practice will have a great deal of variation, some will be like the one I just had, which will ask you to think about a specific situation in the hope that you might gain some insight, while others might be for balance, peace, and inspiration. Whatever the situation you face, whether great or small like the one that I just shared with you I hope to be able to share the basics of meditation that will guide you through your practice, however long that might last.

New Series/Preamble

Okay so I am planning on creating a New Series on Mediation, that will provide beginning meditators with a basic understanding Meditation that they can then use to help provide them with insight and balance throughout their life. Eventually, I think that I will turn this series into an Amazon edition book so that I can be able to share this to a wider audience than just my personal blog. I know that this will be different than the few blog posts that I have made on this website, but I think that it does tie into the transition from College into the workforce. Lately, I have been meditating nearly twice per day so that I can gain balance as well as a better understanding of the emotions I currently am feeling. I know that what I am about to write about might be “first world” problems, but you can visit this video, School of Life: First World Problems if you would like to understand more about them. Either way below After this I will be posting my Introduction to the Series, and I hope that those of you on the interwebs will enjoy!