I have done it!

Okay, so I wanted to tell, notify, or record, my audience and whoever might be reading these posts that I have been accepted to be the Guest Services intern at the Spannocchia Foundation this summer in Italy. FYI there is a link below that you can visit if you have any interest in what I am doing or what the Spannocchia Foundation does beyond what I will describe in further detail within this post. So as the guest services intern I will be managing the hotel operation at the Spannocchia Foundation, and conducting cooking lessons along with what I also believe will be some language lessons as I do speak Italian.

Because I will have this internship I do hope to be blogging about this I know that I have not been the best with posting, but this is a hobby and I don’t have too many viewers so this should be expected with a blog of this size. Either way next week I will be posting about finding an internship, what I did to do this position and finding “cheap” flights to Europe. I should note that I will not be making any money from this venture, as I will be on a tourist visa, but I will receive room, board, and a hopefully amazing experience in return. Because of this I would recommend looking into opportunities that offer “Working Holiday Visas” or finding an English as a Second Language position overseas where you can get paid to teach English and conduct classes abroad. You can find more information about Working Holiday Visas here, and ESL here. I should note that after this stint in Italy I will be seeking a job that will pay me to live abroad, so I am thinking that either China, Australia, or Ireland will be on my horizons, depending on how the cards fall. So with this exciting news, I will now be able to blog about what I am really interested in, which is traveling so I think the meditation series that I was writing on earlier this month or in February will be going by the wayside.

I should mention that meditation in times of transition is very useful. When I did start edwardjelliott.com I was in a bit of a rut as you could probably tell by my earlier posts, but I now have direction in regard to what will be happening once I graduate. I am happy about this and hopefully, I will have the motivation to record what has and will happen so that similar people in my former and current situation might be able to avoid some of the pitfalls I have fallen into.



Spannocchia Foundation Link: http://www.spannocchia.com

Spannocchia Foundation Internships Link: http://www.spannocchia.org/internships/

English as a Second Language Certificates & Teaching English Abroad: https://edwardjelliott.com/2017/01/31/18/

Working-Holiday Visa Crash Course: https://edwardjelliott.com/2017/02/09/working-holiday-visa-crash-course/



English as a Second Language Certificates & Teaching English Abroad:

There are many opportunities to teach English abroad for native English speakers, but before teaching it is important that you have the right qualifications. The base qualifications that are typically required before applying and being accepted for an English teaching position are the TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA. Each one of these certificates are unique unto themselves and provide each future English teacher with a different range of skill at varying prices.

TEFL – The TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) probably the most common English teaching certificate.  This being said there is no real standardization around this certificate so a TEFL is more or less a blanket term for a wide range of programs that are held at variety of organizations. Because of this you can receive a TEFL certificate from an online course at the steep price of $35 from groupon.com, but you can also receive one from a local university that is better and at a much higher price. If you do get a TEFL certificate, it is also important to explain where you got it from, what the requirements were to pass that course, and what you think your TEFL certificate can bring to the classroom. It is important to remember that your education will help give you the needed confidence in our teaching abilities to be an effective teacher. I would recommend that if you do get a TEFL certificate, to try and get one from an accredited institution that will really push you to become the best English teacher you can be. Also it is important to remember that most employers will want you to have at least a 120-hour certificate, even if it is in the PRC, so don’t get tempted by a quick 40-hour certificate, because it will be far below the necessary teaching requirements.

TESOL – The TESOL and the CELTA are both standardized programs as compared to the unstandardized TEFL. The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an examination offered by the Trinity College in London, and has acted as an alternative to the CELTA exam. The TESOL tends to be more readily available than the CELTA, which makes it a good option if there is not a CELTA center in your area, and it also tends to be much cheaper than the CELTA exam. The standardization of this program makes it a much better option than the TEFL as your employer will have an understanding of the course that you have taken. With that in mind it is important to note that at TESOL will be much more expensive than a TEFL, but with that extra cost comes student teaching, and a greater depth of knowledge in the mechanics of being a teacher.

CELTA – The CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) has been seen as the “gold-standard” for a preliminary English teaching certificate. These certificates are approved by Cambridge University, and are provided by Cambridge approved testing centers. There is also an individual sent by Cambridge to oversee each CELTA class, as well as provide feedback to each CELTA student. This certificate is much more expensive than the other and ranges between £900 and £2500. The cheapest tuition that I found was in Belgrade Serbia for £900 and the most expensive one that I found was in San Francisco in the United States for £2500. I should also note that you typically have to pay the tuition in pounds and then pay for housing along with other fees in the local currency. CELTA courses can also be taken on either a full-time, a part-time basis, with the full-time course lasting around one month, while a part-time course might last for three months. Some institutions also offer an online/inclass option, which typically lasts around four months, where you do your work on your own time, while periodically checking in with an instructor. This course option does require students to do in class teaching which would be done over the course of one to two weeks at the specific testing center. Another regulation that is important to know with the CELTA is that if you miss a class, you end up forfeiting your certificate, so make sure you’re not sick during that three to one-month period.

If teaching English abroad is something that interests you, these courses are all options that you can take to get the certifications necessary to teach. I should also note that almost every employer will require you to have a Bachelor’s degree, so if you do not have that, and wish to become an English teacher, it is almost a requirement to get the Bachelor’s degree first. When I was applying to various CELTA programs (I should probably note that I am a little biased to the CELTA), it was a requirement that you have your college degree before the course’s scheduled start date. With that being said there has been rumored that there are some language schools in the PRC that will accept teachers without their Bachelor’s. I would personally stay away from those institutions, as it is national law that all teachers have received higher education.

I hope that this article was informative and somewhat enjoyable to read. If you have any questions about any of this, I am by no means an expert, but I have spent a fair amount of time researching how to become an ESL teacher. I will also include some links below on how to find schools that offer these certificates and some good YouTube Channels about teaching ESL abroad.


YouTube Channels: Most of the channels that I have spent time watching are about Westerners teaching English and living in China. Many of their earlier videos were on teaching English in China, but as their channels have grown they have spent more time focusing on Chinese culture. It is great to watch their newer videos on China, but for the purposes of this article I would just do a quick search on their channel page for teaching English

BenTeachesEnglishOverseas: I should note that he has taught in China, but has also taught English in a number of other countries across the globe.


Frank Macri:








Links: For finding TESOL and TEFL schools I would just do a search around the lines of “Your City TESOL or TEFL certificate.” You can also do searches for online TEFL certificates, these will not be accredited, but if you are looking for a cheap way to reach the minimum requirements for many of the jobs in China and Southeast Asia this is a good option. If you are looking for a CELTA certificate, I would recommend taking a look at the link below. Cambridge English’s search feature is really nice since you can quickly find CELTA certified school anywhere across the globe without being bogged down with articles like mine talk about the CELTA rather than the specific schools you would be interested in contacting. I wish you all the best with your search in whatever you might do.


I wish you the best in whatever you dream to do

…Four More Months? eek!

Okay so it’s the end of January now, graduation is in May and I don’t have any clear set options open for when that date of May 15th rolls along and I’m part of the “Work Force.” I know that most people probably have some sort of plan, like I’m going to work for XYZ company, or I’m going to be full time at my kick-ass summer job, unfortunately this is not my situation.

With this predicament comes great opportunity – the world is your oyster and anything can happen, be made, or fostered out of this pit of uncertainty. I know that I’m not keen on becoming whatever hot sales, product marketer, or insurance job is listed on Indeed.com, so that leaves me with a variety of options, which differ from the traditional path that the typical college graduate might follow. I know that my friends who have already graduated work at bars, or insurance agencies, or banks, or non-profit organizations moving drinks or papers from one end of a table to another. This could be very exciting and I’m sure that the office, or bar drama, especially the bar drama, is rather exciting, but I hope to do something different with the few years I have until assets start to tie myself down. I have had some ideas on what I hope to do next, but one arrives as the next one disappears into the abyss it emerged from.

I do want to work in a field that I find interesting, something that I might be able to receive some enjoyment from, rather than customer service, which I hate with some of the strongest passions found upon this humble planet. I have thought about teaching abroad, becoming a pilot/working in the travel industry in some sort of fashion, finding some sort of remote work that I could do abroad, and creating a business that I could operate abroad. All of these are a work in progress, but the one thing that I am leaning towards is creating a location independent cooperation, or finding remote work in whatever industry might need my services.

I hope to share my worries, anxieties, and concerns with all of you since this is something that I am dealing with and if it helps someone in a similar situation that would be awesome. Also by doing this it might help me put my ideas into words, which then can be read by people who might be able to receive some value from this unique time in my life. Anyways I hope that this small article was enjoyable, and I hope to be posting another one soon.