Mini Series Context


I wanted to provide some context to the last two posts that I made. Currently, I am in an English 101 course and as a senior at Univeristy, I would rather just write these required assignments with minimal effort and graduate this spring. For our first assignment, we were required to “interview,” or in my case have a friend play a character who I would then examine and write about. As I senior I am used to a fair amount of creative freedom in my work, which I did bring to this assignment. Now as a senior being creative in your writing and examining what interests you is encouraged, but in first-year courses, I have found that this is not the case. Unfortunately, I received a 59% mark on my first assignment as I did not adhere to the strict guidelines that had been specified by the instructor. As a way to vent my frustration, as well as take an opportunity to enjoy the situation I decided to write a response to the situation, which is told in “A L’Avis De Victor : Une Réponse à la Première Essai que J’Avais Ecrit.” I hope that you enjoy this, whoever you are out on the inter-webs, as I had an amazing time reveling in the absurdity of structure.



Professor’s Rubric Response –


You are an excellent writer, and you have a very creative voice. Unfortunately, however, this paper doesn’t fulfill the requirements of the assignment. For this assignment, you needed a brief literacy profile of an individual in a particular field, in order to describe the roles or reading and writing in that field. It sounds like your friend has had a fascinating life, but the details you wrote about in your paper don’t have much to do with literacy, and they aren’t surrounding a particular career or field. What you have written is more of a partial biography of your friend with a few tips about university study woven in. I wasn’t able to use the rubric on your paper due to it not meeting the basic purpose of the assignment. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything I can do it help you better understand the assignment.

Score: 59