Hello Everyone ~

I am currently a senior and in my final semester at the University of Arizona. This is a fantastic time, as I will be able to begin pushing my life in a multitude of newfound directions, but this is also a nerve racking time, since I have yet to formulate a concrete plan for what I am doing next. Upon graduation I’ve thought about becoming a number of things such as a pilot, an English teacher, a writer, a business owner, and a photographer. I am capable to do most all of these skills save for a few pilot and teaching certifications, but with the wide range of skill-sets that I have at the young age of twenty-two there comes a frightening range of options.  I hope to share my experiences with you as I hope to someday work abroad, which might come in the form of preforming freelancing work, something that I have also been investigating. I will be submitting examples of my work and the path that I am undertaking towards finding a meaningful profession that suits my needs in this stage of life.

If you have any questions about my work, about me, about this blog, or any comments on anything that you might need my advice for, please feel free to contact me. You can do this by pressing the “contact” link up above and I am sure that your browser will jet you over there. I wish you, my readers all the best, and I look forward to providing you with an array of content about this phase in my life.


-Edward Elliott