New Series/Preamble

Okay so I am planning on creating a New Series on Mediation, that will provide beginning meditators with a basic understanding Meditation that they can then use to help provide them with insight and balance throughout their life. Eventually, I think that I will turn this series into an Amazon edition book so that I can be able to share this to a wider audience than just my personal blog. I know that this will be different than the few blog posts that I have made on this website, but I think that it does tie into the transition from College into the workforce. Lately, I have been meditating nearly twice per day so that I can gain balance as well as a better understanding of the emotions I currently am feeling. I know that what I am about to write about might be “first world” problems, but you can visit this video, School of Life: First World Problems if you would like to understand more about them. Either way below After this I will be posting my Introduction to the Series, and I hope that those of you on the interwebs will enjoy!

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