…Four More Months? eek!

Okay so it’s the end of January now, graduation is in May and I don’t have any clear set options open for when that date of May 15th rolls along and I’m part of the “Work Force.” I know that most people probably have some sort of plan, like I’m going to work for XYZ company, or I’m going to be full time at my kick-ass summer job, unfortunately this is not my situation.

With this predicament comes great opportunity – the world is your oyster and anything can happen, be made, or fostered out of this pit of uncertainty. I know that I’m not keen on becoming whatever hot sales, product marketer, or insurance job is listed on Indeed.com, so that leaves me with a variety of options, which differ from the traditional path that the typical college graduate might follow. I know that my friends who have already graduated work at bars, or insurance agencies, or banks, or non-profit organizations moving drinks or papers from one end of a table to another. This could be very exciting and I’m sure that the office, or bar drama, especially the bar drama, is rather exciting, but I hope to do something different with the few years I have until assets start to tie myself down. I have had some ideas on what I hope to do next, but one arrives as the next one disappears into the abyss it emerged from.

I do want to work in a field that I find interesting, something that I might be able to receive some enjoyment from, rather than customer service, which I hate with some of the strongest passions found upon this humble planet. I have thought about teaching abroad, becoming a pilot/working in the travel industry in some sort of fashion, finding some sort of remote work that I could do abroad, and creating a business that I could operate abroad. All of these are a work in progress, but the one thing that I am leaning towards is creating a location independent cooperation, or finding remote work in whatever industry might need my services.

I hope to share my worries, anxieties, and concerns with all of you since this is something that I am dealing with and if it helps someone in a similar situation that would be awesome. Also by doing this it might help me put my ideas into words, which then can be read by people who might be able to receive some value from this unique time in my life. Anyways I hope that this small article was enjoyable, and I hope to be posting another one soon.



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